The Road to Unification via SR Theory

Author: Mark Fiorentino

This is obviously a major article in the series of articles on Super Relativity. In this article I will talk about what we need to do in order to achieve Grand Unification via SR Theory in physics.

The first order of business is to define what needs to be done and why my course of action is the correct course of action. Like a lawyer in a trial I will make my case for a new direction in physics.

In other articles on this website I gave the following reasons about what the problems are in physics with regard to solving the Unification problem.

1. An error in judgment was made in the interpretation of the Michelson - Morley Experiment results. We abandoned the idea of an ether like substance that is the mediator of force. In SR Theory the ether is considered to be a solid and is referred to simply as Space. Research shifted away from studying space as the medium and the moderator of force.

2. Quantum Mechanics became a big player in the search for reality. Quantum Theory has become the basis for much of the new age thinking in physics. Quantum Theory's success as a tool in predicting new particles and verifying events concerning particle behavior has led to physicists thinking that Quantum Mechanics could be used to explain physical reality.

Quantum Mechanics is nothing more a statistical method of predicting particle behavior. It is a tool to be used to help explain particle interaction its mathematics is not an explanation for physical reality.

3. The 3rd misstep is the establishment of String Theory as a major player in the search for Unification. This theory has many problems.

A. Multiple variations and spin off theories.

B. Requires many more dimensions than is observable in macroscopic reality.

C. Extremely complex to prove mathematically.

D. Impossible to prove by experimentation. This Theory is using valuable human resources needed to solve Unification.

4. The final, major problem in physics is the Standard Model. It is incorrect for the following reason.

Of the 4 forces defined in the Standard Model only one of the forces is a true force. SR Theory states that Gravity, along with Electrostatic and Magnetic forces are the only true forces. Therefore we are trying to unify particle interactions with Gravity which is a field of force. They are not the same thing so this cannot be achieved. The improper classification of the primary forces has had us wasting time trying to unify the dissimilar types of force.

Now that all of the major defects have been established we must redefine our goals according to Super Relativity Theory and in so doing achieve The Theory of Everything.

Defining Goals and Taking Action

1. Correct the Standard Model

The Standard Model needs to be corrected by declaring the true forces of Nature as Gravity, Magnetism and Electrostatic Fields. The particle interactions should be classified as second tier force interactions. We need to establish that force, (action at a distance) occurs because of spatial deformations and is purely a mechanical phenomenon. This is essential to getting us back on the right track. What we need to do is understand that action at a distance occurs locally through the spatial connection that every object in our Universe shares with space. All particles are nothing more than spatial indentations and twists and are part of and within space. They are not separate from it.

What we should have is a Standard model that looks like the chart shown below.

Known Forces Current Standard Model

Force Particle Relative Strength Range (Meters)
Strong Nuclear Gluon 1 10-15
Electromagnetic Photon 7x 10-3 infinite
Weak Nuclear W+,W- &Z
Gravitation Graviton (Undiscovered 6x10-39 infinite

The New Super Relativity Standard Model shown below is the first step toward Unification.

TSR Theory Standard Model

Primary Forces Mediated by Space Relative Strength Range (Meters)
Gravitation No particle 6x10-39 infinite
Electrostatic No particle infinite
Magnetic No particle infinite
Secondary Forces Mediated by Particle
Strong Nuclear Gluon 1 10-15
Weak Nuclear W+,W- &Z 10-5 10-17
Electromagnetic Photon 7x 10-3 infinite

It cannot be spelled out any simpler. We do not have the correct model. Without the correct concept of force and what makes force, action at a distance possible, we stand no chance in solving the great cosmic riddle of Unification. Assuming we can someday all agree that the SR Theory Standard Model is correct, we can then begin to solve the Unification problem.

The new problem would then be to begin searching for the proper set of formulas that explain and unify the three primary forces. In order to do this we must know the proper number of dimensions to work with. The clue to knowing the proper number of dimensions is revealed by the forces themselves and how they deform space.

Using Einsteinís mind experiment technique I pictured everyway that space could be deformed. I found that although at first glance it appears as if space only has 3 physical dimensions there are in actuality four. According to my revised classification system for defining physical dimensions there are actually 4 physical dimensions and 1 time dimension. The total of 5 dimensions is the exact amount needed to generate the proper set of formulas. The system of equations will include the proper description for all 3 components, Gravity, Magnetic and Electrostatic.

I arrived at four physical dimensions by imagining all the ways that space could be stretched or collapsed.

Here is the breakdown. The first 3 dimensions are needed to describe Gravity.

1. Deformation (stretching and compacting) along the x axis of space.

2. Deformation (stretching and compacting) along the y axis of space.

3. Deformation (stretching and compacting) along the Z axis of space.

With these deformational properties spherically shaped objects can be expanded or collapsed in space. A point mass gravitational object or a macroscopic object like a star can be explained. See General Relativity for more information on that topic. This is still not enough to explain all of Reality. Charged objects can not be represented using this type of spatial deformation.

An additional spatial dimension is needed to describe the electromagnetic component of space. The fourth and final way to deform space is by twisting or inverting space. Whenever this occurs a charged region is created. Furthermore when a charged geometry moves, a torsional reaction occurs eminating from the center of the charged region outward. Space turns as the charge moves by. This is what we experience as the magnetic field.

Therefore in order to achieve unification between the Electrostatic, Magnetic and Gravitational fields we need to use Riemannian geometry as Einstein did. In addition with the added usage of a revamped Kaluza-Klein Technique based not on curled space but based on additional dimension that is twisted. This should yield the proper mathematical explanation for all forces.

By following this procedure we will have completed the entire picture of reality. The Equations of Maxwell's Electromagnetic Field Theory will be united with the Equations of General Relativity. Electromagnetic Theory has already been unified to the second tier particle interaction forces and this would complete the entire transformational set of equations. A new set of equations that would be Lorentzian like transformations will also emerge from this effort. These equations will describe how to generate an intense magnetic field that will in effect cancel Gravitational effects and at the same time generate what SR Theory calls the Slip Wave.

This concludes the Article on Unification via SR Theory. Please proceed to the related article of how to build a Slip Wave Field. This is a special type of spatial bias drive. Basically this is what the Trekkies would call a (Warp Drive) using SR Theory.





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