The Theory of Super Relativity is a philosophy that describes a physical model of reality, which is based on a series of philosophical arguments and are located on this website.

These articles attempt to explain various aspects of nature using the Classical Physics Paradigm in combination with and enhanced by, an expanded version of Special Relativity. All types of physical phenomena including the so–called paradoxes, such as the EPR paradox and Wave Particle Duality, are explained using the axioms of the Theory of Super Relativity. The axioms are based on the principles set forth from classical physical theory with the additional ones developed by Albert Einstein (Special and General Relativity), and Hendrick Anton Lorentz (Lorentz Transformations).

Each article discusses a different aspect of reality and demonstrates that all phenomena that occur can be explained by the one unifying object of our existence, which is space itself and was formerly known as the Luminiferous Ether and is now often described as the continuum. Super Relativity is an extension of the philosophy used by Einstein, Lorentz, Maxwell and Newton. These men believed in an all–pervasive unifying material substance, which was the mediator of force. Their theories and mathematical calculations were based upon this idea, and described force fields that were continuous. Theirs was the golden age of classical physics in which many of the world’s greatest theories were discovered, including Maxwell’s Field equations, Newton’s Laws of Motion and Differential Calculus, Lorentz’s Transformations and Einstein’s Theories of Special and General Relativity.

Super Relativity can be most accurately described as an extension of the Einstein’s Special Relativity Theory and the ether theory and can be simply stated as such: There exists only one thing that is real and physical – space itself. Our entire reality stems from this object. The type of ether that is believed to exist in Super Relativity Theory is solid and all pervasive in nature. Scientific evidence suggests this, because light has been proven to be a transverse wave and these occur in solids rather than gases or fluids. Therefore the ether material must be solid and motionless. It must also be elastic and exist in a state of very high tension.

Particles, matter and energy are all different manifestations of the same thing and are nothing more than mechanical distortions located within the ether. These distortions form specialized configurations within space. Since all particles are made up of the core material of space, matter and energy are therefore not separate from it.. They reside within the ether and as a result, everything in the Universe is connected.

Matter and energy are nothing more than fields, which form the specialized configurations of space that we call particles. The particle shapes are geometries, and these are typically twisted, or spatial inversions. The inversions produce different types of pressure gradients, which cause particle motion and create dipole structures.

In the Super Relativity model particles are not separate from space. They are not like bullets, that is, separate discrete objects from the air they travel through. As bullets travel they displace the air as they move through it. When particles travel through space, they transform it, and the so–called empty region of space they are now in, is transformed into the particle that occupies it. The rules that govern the maximum rate of this transformation are the same rules that are stated in Special Relativity. Under normal conditions objects and fields that make up the objects cannot transform space faster than the speed of light.

Since Super Relativity says that space is an object, it therefore attempts to define it by describing its properties and methods. Examples of the properties of space are its permittivity, permeability, and conductivity, etc.

The methods of space are what we can do to it that could alter its properties. These are equivalent to the forces and in Super Relativity, there are only three true forces of nature – Magnetism, the attractive and repulsive fields of Electrostatic charge and the attractive force of Gravity. The true forces of nature have no mediating particles and are pure fields – they are the central cause of attraction and repulsion and action at a distance. For action at a distance to work, a local and continuous connection via a solid medium between objects, must also exist. Therefore this theory disagrees with the standard model, which has defined particle interactions as the root cause of force.

Within the framework of Super Relativity, particle interactions are caused by the three primary forces of nature, described above. The strong force is a considered to be a special form of the coulomb force, in which quark fields are entangled and not separate field configurations like electrons or photons.

Super Relativity states that the most important activity is what’s going on between the particles, causing them to interact, in other words, the three primary fields that extend from the particles.

The final plank that forms the foundation of Super Relativity is that a true Theory of Everything must explain the Origin of Gravity. Einstein's theory of gravity explains only the mathematics describing the gravitational field, but it does not define the origin of that field. As Einstein himself once said, while one side of his famous gravitational field equation is made of stone, the other is made of straw.

Super Relativity states that the original philosophies posited by Lorentz and Einstein are correct. They proposed that the source of the gravitational field must stem somehow from the motion of electromagnetic particles. Unfortunately in their lifetimes, the existence of quarks and intimate knowledge of the construction of neutrons and protons was not known. They simply did not have enough physical data to construct a completed theory of everything. The Theory of Super Relativity recognizes that the origin of Gravity is the result of the action of accelerated motion of unbalanced charges. This type of charged particle motion generates the mechanical, spatial distortion in which space is slightly contracted by the orbital motion of quarks and electrons. Therefore the possible explanation for the bridging mechanism between gravity and electromagnetism is now explained. Both inertial and gravitational mass may in fact be caused by the same interaction between the unbalanced accelerated charges in motion, and the ether in which they are moving. Gravity therefore, is a physical spatial contraction, which is described in its complete form by the Lorentz Transformations of length contraction and mass increase formulas.

The study of the ether is ultimately what becomes profoundly important. By understanding the properties and methods of space we can become the masters of reality. There are hidden potentials and major implications provided by Super Relativity Theory. Since, according to Super Relativity theory, space is an object, it therefore has properties and methods and can itself, be modified. If that is true then the rules defined by Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity can also be altered. The Theory of Super Relativity predicts that it is possible to break the light speed barrier! Details of how this can be accomplished are also on this website.

I believe that Super Relativity is the theory of everything that we have all been waiting for. All that is left to do, is to decide whether this reality model is correct or not. If correct and it truly represents our physical reality, then it must proven mathematically by skilled mathematicians. Without corresponding mathematical proof, the theory will never be anything more than interesting concepts and speculations.

If you believe it may be correct, or if you simply like a challenge, then please help me prove it. Are you interested? Then go to the Contacts page if you feel that you may be able to provide the mathematical proof for the Theory of Super Relativity.

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