The Spatial Properties

Author: Mark Fiorentino

This article will describe, in depth, the properties and methods of Space.

Space Equals Substance

The starting point at which all forces of nature connect and are born must of course be a place where reality is at its most fundamental state. The most fundamental region in this Universe is in fact what we now consider the void of space. All phenomena occur within its confines. Therefore space itself must be defined. Either it is a material object with properties or it is not. What is material? A material object is something that contains substance out of which a thing is or can be constructed. A material object has properties such as length, width and depth. Material objects possess these properties because they have mass and surfaces that can be measured and experienced.

The 3 physical dimensions exist because physical objects are composed of atomic particles that are in turn composed of sub atomic particles which are eventually reduced to near massless subatomic particles that are essentially dimensionless point masses that have a specific charge and spin. These particles are composed of nothing but fields suspended in space. They possess the property of mass, which is Gravity. They have charge, which is electrostatic and if the charge is in motion a magnetic field occurs. All of this occurs in the so-called dimensionless void of space.

he current paradigm surrounding the idea of space is that it is basically thought of as a void. The particles and fields pass through it as discrete objects which are separate not a part of or related to space. Space is not a thing it is just merely there an inactive participant in all of the turmoil that is occurring within it. This concept is in fact a false assumption. Space is the material substance. Space is a physical thing; call it what you will, the luminiferous ether or the Higgs Boson field. It is not just the medium it is also the phenomena as well. It is the only thing that exists in this Universe. It is the source of existence in this physical realm.

Postulate 1. Space is not a void but is in fact a solid composed of variations of three fields Gravitational, Magnetic and Electrostatic in an unconfigured format and is continuous and unbounded.

It is a three dimensional object with three basic properties mass/gravity which is equivalent to spatial density, charge, +/- twisted left or right, and magnetic, a spatial torque reaction to a moving charge. I believe that many of the world's leading theorists such as Newton, Einstein, Lorentz and Maxwell were correct in their assumption that the forces that drive all phenomena are mechanical by nature. Action at a distance is local by means of the medium of space. All objects are connected to and withheld in the medium and all particle mediated forces are a result of and are driven by the three fundamental forces.

Newton's belief that action at a distance was accomplished by some mechanical method led to his theory of gravity. In the General Theory of Relativity gravity is described as a four dimensional Riemann geometry, in other words gravity is a geometrical dent in the continuum. Gravity claimed Einstein is not a force but a curvature in space-time. Much of Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity uses and is based upon Lorentz's Transformations. These transformations were derived while trying to describe the mechanics of how the forces of nature actually work. If Lorentz’s work was based on ether theory and Einstein successfully used it to create Special Relativity perhaps the concept of the ether should be re-examined. Maxwell also, believed in an ether that mediated the electromagnetic field.

Spatial Properties

The gravitational field can be associated with the Z-axis in a graph; it represents the depth of space or the density. By increasing gravity, space will deform in an inward fashion. Another way of looking at it is that it pulls inward on itself. As shown by the drawing below space pulls toward the gravitational focus. This effect is purely mechanical in nature and it occurs because it is continuous and connected.


The greater the mass of an object the more intense the pull inwards and the greater the acceleration is toward the origin. Matter/Energy by the nature of their mass/spatial component configurations causes space to contract. The gravitational field weakens at a rate inversely square of the distance.

It is important to note that the other two physical properties of space, the Magnetic Field and the Electrostatic Field also decline in strength in the exact same way.

Accelerating a particle mass through space causes a contraction toward the particle as it gains inertial momentum. The Lorentz Contraction Transformation confirms this. Gravity, being the equivalent to an accelerating body is now explained.

It is accomplished through and by the interaction between the accelerating particle and space. What I am implying is that all particles / objects are connected to each other via gravity as well as electrostatic and magnetic fields.

Gravity equals acceleration because they both create spatial contraction.

By accelerating an object you add energy to the object in the form of its motion through space, its momentum relative to the stationary substance of unconfigured space. The phenomenon known as Gravity is equal to and in fact created by configured space in the gravitational dimension. Acceleration is equivalent to Gravity because of spatial contraction caused by the motion of masses through the stationary substance we call space.

The Electrostatic Field

The electrostatic field or the second property has a dipole-like feature. Basically the field has a North and South Pole in sharp contrast to gravity. The field is present wherever electrostatic charges are present. I wrestled with the concept of how deforming space in some way could cause particles to manifest a dipole like feature. Through great effort I was finally able to understand how this physically could take place. Actually what I believe is happening is that the second property or dimension of space, manifests itself when space becomes physically twisted. Imagine if you will, that space has 3 dimensions and that we could separate them into three ribbons. In your mind separate the electrostatic ribbon from the other ribbons.

Next twist the ribbon just one turn and connect the ends together to form a loop. What you now have is a finite but unbounded system in which an electrostatic dipole exists. The North Pole is the top surface of the ribbon while the bottom represents the South Pole. The electrostatic configuration, which is the twist, will not come undone as long as the ends remain connected. This is a very basic explanation for the phenomenon known as an electrostatic field. The tighter the spatial twist in space, the stronger the field. One can also increase the field strength by adding additional twists. By accelerating the twist through space you shorten its wavelength increasing its frequency and increasing its energy level. As the twist travels through space it turns as it goes.

The Primary Forces

It is the relationship between the forces that is the least understood. We know a great deal about the relationship between electrostatic fields and magnetic fields. We have a very good theory of electromagnetic fields thanks to Maxwell. There has never been a link from the electromagnetic field to gravitational field. Although a link has not been discovered it does not mean that one does not exist. It is this section of my paper that contains the most controversial and most exciting concepts. If the statements and ideas proposed here are true, it is also here where one of mankind's greatest technological innovations will be introduced. I shall endeavor to explain thoroughly and carefully the concept of space and how it can be altered so that a new technology of extreme importance to mankind can be realized.

The three fields discussed above can be thought of as basically fulfilling the roles of what is required by physical space in order to exhibit 3-dimensional characteristics. In fact they are the three physical properties of space. They all have one characteristic that makes them unique and has helped me categorize them into their own group or class. The characteristic that is so important is that none of these three primary fields has a particle that mediates them. The force of gravity supposedly has the graviton which has never been discovered. The magnetic field has the magnetron which also remains undiscovered. No particle is even theorized as mediating electrostatic fields. Electrostatic fields occur wherever charges congregate, magnetic fields occur only when charges move and gravity occurs only where there is mass.

They all have an association to matter but the fields in their unconfigured state are not mediated by particles. In SR Theory these three forces are primary. Space as we know it is 3-dimensional. It has length, width and depth. These properties are abstract representations created by the mind of man. There is no force of length or width. They are just names, which describe distance in different directions along the X, Y and Z axis. In physical reality in order for objects to exist and have form; I believe that it is necessary for objects to have 3 separate and distinct physical properties. All matter and energy consist of these three properties. All particles contain various amounts and combinations of these three properties their uniqueness is in their various spatial configurations.

There is a correspondence between space and the 3 forces. According to SR Theory space has 4 spatial dimensions defined as 4 different spatial distortions. At the same time there happens to be three anomalous forces that science has discovered and not explained. It takes the 4 directions of movement (Spatial Distortions) so that space can manifest the 3 primary forces. A simultaneous contraction on the X,Y and Z axis creates Gravity. Twisting space create charge, moving the charge through space creates Magnetic fields. The 3 forces are the mechanical methods necessary to explain the phenomenon known as action at a distance. This mechanical explanation is what Newton, Lorentz and Maxwell were looking for. Einstein once said, "Nothing happens unless something moves."

As I have previously stated above these three forces also have another thing in common. None of them have a particle that mediates them. The graviton is theoretical and is implied not discovered or detected; the same is true for the magnetron the theoretical particle for magnetism. The electrostatic field has no particle to mediate it either. I believe that space itself is the underlying connective tissue and it is what mediates all three forces. These 3 forces are the 3 basic or intrinsic properties of space. Space itself is a thing, it is continuous and the three forces are in fact spatial deformations, tensor fields within the medium of the physical object we call space.

The Secondary Forces

Today the Standard Model defines the primary forces as follows:

Four fundamental forces are known to physicists: gravity, electromagnetism, and the weak and strong nuclear forces. The weakest force is gravity, which can generally be ignored at the particle level, even though it dominates on the cosmological scale. The next force is the electromagnetic force. The Electromagnetic force at the sub-atomic level is seen as an exchange of photons between two charged particles, either leptons or quarks. The weak force, which is responsible for nuclear decays, is carried by the exchange of bosons. Finally the strong force, which acts only between quarks and not on leptons, is seen as the exchange of gluons.

The Theory of Super Relativity states that the 3 primary forces are the 3 tensor fields. The primary forces do not have particles that mediate them. In the Standard Model only one of the 4 forces, gravity is primary. Gravity is primary because there is no particle to mediate it. Electromagnetism and the Strong and Weak nuclear forces all have associated particles and therefore should be considered secondary in nature. In fact these are more accurately described as interactions. The Theory of Super Relativity states that particle interactions occur as a result of fields engaging one another. Think carefully about this question, "How is it that particle interactions occur in the first place?" Particles interactions should not be classified as forces but in fact they are what happen as the result of the primary field commingling.

Unification has not been achieved because the Standard Model is incorrect and physicists are trying to unify two different type of things. It is the three previously stated forces that need to be unified. Gravity will never be able to be unified with the other so called forces of the Standard Model.

Two of the secondary forces the strong and weak nuclear forces are the result of astable vibrational spatial configurations interacting with each other synergistically. They are astable multivibrational spatial configurations. They are vibrational, always in motion and can only exist inside of the larger more stable subatomic structures.

The Strong Force requires gluons to hold the quarks together and with the gauge bosons convey information about the force.

The Weak Force W and Z particles carry the weak force. The Electromagnetic force is mediated by the photon. The information and influence these particles convey for all of these forces are supposedly carried by the mediators. How do particles know that there are other particles nearby to interact with in the first place?

For instance when two electrons come in close contact with one another they begin to exchange photons. The closer they get the more often they exchange. Obviously the electrons are already aware of the fact that they are in close proximity to one another because not only do they begin exchanging photons but these photons are going directly to and from the electrons and are not firing in random directions and at random times.

As I have previously stated above these three forces also have another thing in common. None of them have a particle that mediates them. The graviton is theoretical and is implied not discovered or detected; the same is true for the magnetron the theoretical particle for magnetism. The electrostatic field has no particle to mediate it either. I believe that space itself is the underlying connective tissue and it is what mediates all three forces. These 3 forces are the 3 basic or intrinsic properties of space. Space itself is a thing, it is continuous and the three forces are in fact spatial deformations, tensor fields within the medium of the physical object we call space.

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