What is Space?

Author: Mark Fiorentino

Outer space, or simply "space", in SR Theory is synonymous with the term "the ether" it refers to the relatively empty regions of the Universe outside the atmospheres of celestial bodies. Outer space is used to distinguish it from airspace (and terrestrial locations). Although outer space is a vacuum, it is far from empty. It contains many interesting things such as organic molecules, black body radiation, cosmic rays, atomic nuclei, gas, plasma and dust.

The current, contemporary definition of space is somewhat lacking in substance. Don't you think? Nice pun. Seriously though, there is a complete lack of definition of what space really is. Our modern day concept is that space is a vacuum that has objects that pass through it. Essentially, outer space is considered by most to be nothing at all. There is a problem with that line of thinking. If space were really nothing, how can things of substance occupy regions within it? For example, space ships, meteors, atoms, light etc. In other words try and imagine an object like an apple fitting into a region of nothingness. You cannot fit a something into a nothing. This is a very simple, logical argument that implies that space has to be made of something. It has to be some sort of real object that has substance.

Another argument for proving that space is a material object is the very important fact that it takes time for light to travel through it. It can be proven that space is a material object by using simple mathematics. Everyone is familiar with the simple equation D=RxT. Distance equals Rate times Time. Now letís rearrange the Equation to solve for time. T=D/R Using the value of 186000 miles for the distance and 186000 miles per second for the rate it should take 1 second for light to travel that distance. Sure enough that is true. It is a proven fact. Logically again we have a problem. If space is nothing at all, then a distance of 186000 miles is really equal to 0. Therefore, if you solve for time then, nothing (0) x 186000mps = 0. Logically, what I am saying is that distance between objects cannot exist unless space itself is a physical object.

Therefore if this were really the case it would take light 0 amount of time to travel 186000 miles. In fact it would take no time at all for light to travel any distance through space no matter how far away. If these 2 arguments were not enough to convince you there is another argument, even more powerful. Light is a transverse wave. Transverse waves only occur in solids. Transverse waves cannot propagate in a gas or a liquid because there is no mechanism for driving motion perpendicular to the propagation of the wave. Obviously transverse waves cannot occur in a medium made of nothing. In science there is a simple saying. If it looks like a certain "thing" and acts like a certain "thing" it usually turns out to be that thing.

So, why obsess about what space is made of? Well, what it boils down to is this. It's all about asking the right questions? If you want to solve a difficult problem or any problem for that matter you have to start by asking the right questions. When we do this we will eventually be able to piece together a solution based upon solid logic and good assumptions. The initial question is, ("What is the Mediator of Force?"). The answer according to SR Theory is "Space". Simply put, in SR Theory the object that is the mediator is Space. The next logical step is to ask, "What is Space?". Now all we have to do is define space. Since space is the mediator of force it must be a physical object. Since it is a physical object we can then describe its physical properties and its methods.

So without any further introduction, here we go. Space is a physical object. Therefore, if it is an object it must have properties and methods. The properties of three dimensional space are as follows:

Force                    Mechanical Explanation


1. Gravitational      Collapsed space - (caused by high speed rotation of unbalanced charges)

2. Magnetic           Curled and stretched space - (caused by moving electrostatic charge)

3. Electrostatic       Twisted, completely inverted

The methods of space are what physically happen to space when these forces are applied. In other words how the solid object of space is effected by or deformed by the primary forces.

The spatial deformations are the heart of this new theory. These are the primary forces of nature and they must be unified. In summary 'Space' is a real thing an object. It is what every thing is made of. Mass and energy are in fact a special kind of space. Mass and energy are what I call spatial configurations perhaps a better term would be distortions. Do not worry; I am not going to leave you with such a vague description. Please see the related topics on this website that go into more detail.

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