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Author: Mark Fiorentino

The universe, all objects with in it, all phenomena and all interactions exist because of configured space. As we already know matter is energy in a different form E=MC2. Matter is primarily composed of subatomic particles which when broken down even further have a few basic properties that are shared across and common to all subatomic particles. They possess charge, mass and spin. There is as we have found out by countless experiments, literally, hundreds of combinations of these three properties found within the many particles discovered so far. Furthermore there is an almost infinite amount of combinations of molecular structures.

When subatomic particles are examined they are found to be no more than combinations of point charges and point masses suspended within space. This basically boils down to elementary field combinations that are somehow stable and do not dissipate or unravel back into what is considered as the void. What I mean by the term configured space is that particles are made up of twists and indentations of the continuum. Everything is composed of such particles. All forms of matter and energy are made of thes configurations. In chemistry classes everyone learns about the composition and behavior of such tiny particles, but it might be easy to forget just how amazing they are. How many people truly grasp how complex they are? How all-pervading they are? What I mean by the term configured space is that particles are made up of twists and indentations of the continuum.

The twist in space is the phenomenon known as charge. When space is twisted the dipole is created. The indentation or (higher density) is the phenomenon known as gravity. These indentations in the ether field are caused by the accelerated motion of unbalanced charges. Please see the Origin of Gravity article. Although these properties can be altered and transformed they can not be destroyed. This is of course, the Conservation of Energy. A particle is any region of space that at a particular moment contains a combination point charge and point mass and extending from the center points are electromagneticand gravitational fields. When a particle moves through space it is not really a solid object moving through a vacuum of emptyness but in reality it is really a configuration that transforms and distorts the space as it travels through it. It also is interacting with space via the processes (Lorentz Transformations) described by Special Relativity.

In addition to this discussion of what Matter and Energy are it would be best to use an example of a primary particle such as the Photon. After reading this article, please see the chapter What is a Photon? for the detailed discussion on how a particle is constructed and what Matter and Energy are composed of. Einstein once said. "All these fifty years of conscious brooding have brought me no nearer to the answer to the question, 'What are light quanta?' Nowadays every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks he knows it, but he is mistaken." (Albert Einstein, 1954)

That was quite a statement. I certainly hope that I can fair better than everyone else has in a description of what a Photon is. I believe that Dr. Einstein knew that if he could describe what a photon actually is then he could describe matter and energy in a way that precisely explains physically what causes the phenomena of matter, energy and force. Still, to this day, we do not have a true model of reality. In other words we do not know how the Universe works. I believe that he new that if you could understand what a simple particle like a photon is and how it works we would be able to extrapolate and solve the Unification problem. The point of this theory and all the articles within this site is to get down to what is happening physically and expose the core reality.

In order to understand what the Universe is made of and how it works you have to have a lot of imagination and not be afraid to think out of the box. I am going to put together in the next pages a series of logical statements that were created by using the technique of performing mind experiments like the ones that Albert Einstein used to develop his theories. The following paragraphs briefly describe the process that I used. To start with, find a quite relaxing place to think, a place, with no distractions. A quite place, with no distractions. Then allow your imagination to perform visualizations of experiments and scenarios that help you form constructs that you can use to give form to the Universe. Continually test your ideas and visualizations against known facts. It is important to stay grounded in reality and truth. You are going to attempt to think like God or to read God's mind. All it takes is imagination and determination.

The first thing to do is to come up with rules about your Universe. You get the ideas for what the Universe is going to be like by using the proven theories, laws and observations of the known Universe. It is very important that you do not violate what you know to be true. When you make assumptions, you keep them simple and make the number of assumptions as low as possible. In order to create/describe a Photon in our Universe I started with a basic assumption that many scientists in the past as well as some today believe in.

The Universe is made up of a single object. All things that exist in the Universe are, in some way an extension or modification of that object. Using this line of thinking we will create a reality that is simple and consistent as well as predictable. This is what has been observed in the Macro Universe, the everyday Universe that we see and experience. For our mind experiment I have picked an object that is basic and fundamental. The photon is a good object to work with because there is much already known about its behavior. I believe that all fundamental particles have the same basic construction so if we figure out how the photon is constructed we will be able to describe other fundamental particles as well. All that is left to do is begin the process of imagination trying to picture it. Slow it down and observe its construction.

Using what is known about the photon you picture it in your mind. I did this over and over for many years. Occasionally, after reading a book or article the new information that I was exposed to would trigger in me, a new insight. I would then test my idea out and see if I could visualize something that would behave exactly like the photon behaves. The first property of a photon is spin, so we need for the photon to have a physical attribute that causes it to spin. The photon also possesses perpetual motion so the photon also has to possess a physical attribute that causes it to be in constant motion. Another property that a Photon must have according to SR Theory is mass.

Photons appear to be massless but if a photon collides with another particle both particles are deflected. This is an indication that, in fact, it must have mass. It only seems to reveal its mass under certain conditions. Its final attribute is that it has charge. With this information we can now construct a model using SR Theory. SR Theory states that charge is caused by a physical twist of space. So, therefore, there is a component contained in the overall construction of the particle that is twisted. In order for the particle to appear in some cases to be massless the gravitational component has to be inside of, or enveloped by the twisted component. This will then make it appear to be massless because of the over shielding of the gravitational component caused by the extreme twisted space surrounding the gravitational core.

The masking of the core mass can be properly computed by using a special Lorentz like Space Transformation Formula predicted to exist by SR Theory. It should also be noted that calculating the mass of a particle is difficult because of the inverse square law. It is a relative value. The closer you get to the core of a particle the larger the field strength will be. It may turn out to be that the mass, at extremely close range may be a very large value as the gravitational cores of particles may turn out to be ultra tiny black holes. The reason that all the mass in the Universe does not rapidly collapse back together is the repulsive nature of the Coulomb force. This electrostatic field that surrounds the gravitational cores of particles is what prevents a rapid collapse of atoms. The next attribute, which is spin, is also explained by the spatial twist phenomenon. The easiest way to envision this is to imagine a 2 dimensional ribbon with a twist in it.

Picture yourself moving the twist by pinching the ribbon at one end and then sliding it along. While pushing the twist along the ribbon observer how it spins as it moves. The last attribute to explain physically is the perpetual motion aspect of the photon. This phenomenon is also caused be the twist in space.Since photons in free space travel at the maximum velocity allowable by Special Relativity itís a good bet that the amount of twist is equal to and not less than a full 180 degree spatial inversion. The twist creates a dipole structure with a north and a south pole. This structure will always be in motion as the front inverted section is pulled forward. The photon moves forever forward and has no way to resolve itself (unwind). It cannot unwind because space is a finite but unbounded structure.

There is no edge to release into. The photon will never stop moving as this imbalance can never be resolved. In summation the physical twisting of space explains why there is charge as well as spin and it creates perpetual motion. Mass, the other attribute of particles is caused by a collapsed region of space. In SR Theory all particles are composed of these special properties and have various degrees of charge and mass. All particles are configurations of space which cannot be destroyed.




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