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Author: Mark Fiorentino

In order for us to evolve technologically we are going to have to give up some of the preconceived concepts that are holding us back. The notion that we are going to achieve a working Reality Model using either Quantum Mechanics or String Theory is not going to work. The primary reason is this; we are trying to prove that Gravity is in some way equivalent to the Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces and Electromagnetism. This is not possible as they are not the same thing. Gravity is a primary force which is not mediated by a particle. Therefore the mathematics needed to prove that they are equal i.e. (the same thing) can never exist. The mechanism by which force is propagated is different. Gravity is a pure field, a tensor field and the other forces in the Standard Model are mediated by particles.

Therefore there can be no equality. No equation can be made.

The Theory of Super Relativity states that Gravitational, Magnetic and Electrostatic fields are the primary forces of nature and they are all tensor fields. A field transformation equation should exist for these fields as they are different manifestations of the same thing. They are all Spatial distortion fields. The Electrostatic field is a complete twist or spatial inversion of 180 degrees. The magnetic field is created when the electrostatic field moves through space in the form of a charged particle such as the electron or photon. Space literally turns when electrons or photons go by. Please see image on the next page for visualization of what I mean.

The graphic below demonstrates exactly what happens as the electrons travel through the wire.The space around the conductor literally curls around in the direction of the arrows. The higher the current flow the higher the curvature and the more intense the magnetic field will be.


Super Relativity

It is physically stretched and turned in the direction of the arrows. This purely mechanical distortion is what we experience as the magnetic field. Because space is a solid and it permeates everything all matter and energy that is nearby will be affected.

What is missing is the transformation from magnetic and electrostatic to gravitational. According to SR Theory there is an equation that describes Space's ability to mediate and manifest force in a given area. Space, (the ether) can under normal circumstances manifest all 3 at the same time. Space can become one dimensional if one of the 3 forces becomes to strong. For example intense Gravity can create a singularity. The equation that describes the relationship between the forces will be a Lorentz like transformation. This transformation will only be noticeable at very high energies.

Since Outer Space is a solid (See Article What is Space? ) everything is interconnected and local in nature. Force in our Universe is purely mechanical. Newton would love this theory. All matter and energy is within the medium of space and is therefore connected and action at a distance is achieved by objects being in direct contact with regions of space that are stretched by gravitational fields or turned so many degrees by magnetic fields a lateral type of stretching. It is very important at this stage to point out that there should be an equation that exists that describes the maximum amount of force potential that any one region of space can maintain expressed as maximum value of combined field strengths. In other words a region of space can only sustain a limited amount of overall field strength or tension.

Expressed as an Equation: Total Mediating Field Strength = Magnetic Field + Electrostatic Field + Gravitation Field. The total Field stength value is a number that is the maximum value that cannot be exceeded. If you are studying Solid State Physics you may know of equations that describe this type of phenomena. Please submit your name and address on the contacts page. You can be a contributor to this theory and earn your place as a co-author. To learn more about force and the properties of space please read the related Super Relativity Articles located on this site. What is Outer Space? and The Spatial Properties.




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