Theory of Super Relativity

Introduction to the Theory with brief overview. SR Theory explains what Quantum and String Theory fail to explain. SR Theory contains a complete explanation of physical reality including in-depth explanations of the major paradoxes in Physics..

What is a Photon ? EPR - Einstein Podolsky and Rosen What is Force ? What is Outer Space ?
The Spatial Properties and Methods String Theory How to Build a Warp Drive using SR Theory The Road to Unification via SR Theory ...
The Cosmology of SR Theory ... The Origin of Gravity ... Faster Than light Neutrino Explanation...  



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A new and exciting Earth Shaking Article has been added to the Website! After 3 months of intensive study and comtemplation "The Faster Than Light Neutrino Explanation has been completed!"

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The Sci-FI story Relativity One has been completed. It was 2 years in the making. Authors Mark Fiorentino and Mel Dawson have completed an exciting novel about the discovery of the Theory of Super Relativity.

Mateo Tedesco, a man of faith, has discovered the Holy Grail of physics – the Theory of Everything. Now he is a target, as enemy agents wish to steal his ideas and kidnap him if necessary, in the race to push national space programs to the next frontier.

As Matt works to develop his ideas which will eventually allow light-speed space travel, a group of aliens from a distant planet, in search of life elsewhere in the Universe, stumble upon an old Earth signal beamed out into space and follows its trail back to our solar system. Treachery among them places the continued existence of the Earth in grave danger.

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